Delicious and Delightful Carrot Cake Twists for Easter

By StatePoint March 18, 2021

Carrot cake has been an Easter staple for years, so why not serve some fun takes on this popular dessert for your celebration?

With Easter landing on International Carrot Day, April 4, John Kanell, culinary expert and founder of Preppy Kitchen, partnered with McCormick spices to create exclusive Easter dessert recipes that put a delightful twist on the classic carrot cake.

“Growing up, desserts were always the highlight of Easter, with my mother and grandmother making wonderful carrot cakes from scratch,” says John Kanell.

Because carrot cake brings back great memories, Kanell wanted to channel that nostalgia, while adding whimsical touches. His resulting creations are fun, family-friendly and beyond-delicious.

As darling as they are tasty, Carrot Cake Cookies bring all the flavors of carrot cake in a fun, handheld way that allows the whole family to get involved in the kitchen. Big and little kids alike can help frost and decorate!

Make room at the dessert table for Carrot Cake Roll with Lemon Cream Cheese Filling – a fluffy spiced cake loaded with carrots and the warm flavor of McCormick spices. Rolled up with a light and airy lemon and cream cheese filling, it’s a sweet way to celebrate the season.

“As a nod to my Greek heritage, my family always incorporated lemon into our dessert recipes. Adding it to the cream cheese filling provides a bright complement to my slightly sweet and tender Carrot Cake Roll recipe,” says Kanell.

Kanell is also sharing his top baking tips for success.

• Feature carrots front-and-center in desserts. Beyond their beautiful orange color, they add moisture to baked goods.

• Too much flour makes for dense, gummy baked goods. Always measure your flour correctly by using a scale or fluffing the flour and sprinkling it into your measuring cup before leveling off.

• Don’t over-mix your batter. It will activate the gluten in the flour and cause your baked goods to go from tender and airy to tough and overly chewy. Mix your dry and wet ingredients until just combined.

• Use room temperature butter and cream cheese – left out of the refrigerator for about 30 to 60 minutes. They should show a slight indent when pressed, yet still hold shape. Remember that consistency is important when creaming butter with sugar and it should be visibly fluffy and not cling to the side of your mixing bowl.

• Stock your spice rack with McCormick pure vanilla extract, cinnamon, ginger, allspice and nutmeg so it is ready for all your baking needs. Spring is all about nature waking up after a long slumber and these essential spices brighten and add warmth to seasonal dishes.

• Even if your little ones are too young to make a recipe, they can still help measure, mix and combine ingredients, and of course decorate cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

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With delicious takes on the classic carrot cake, your family can hit the sweet spot between nostalgia and whimsical fun this Easter.