Military Spouse Launches Nationwide Cleaning Business

Household Six Home Services

By Therese & Tony Richardson, Michelle Maestas Publisher/Editor January 14, 2021

Household Six Home Services started from a place of love and wanting to help a community that many have forgotten, our Military men, women, and their families. I have had a limited time in this community but quickly discovered that although there are many stressors and hurdles to being part of it but it was also one of love and helpfulness I’ve rarely encountered.

For spouses who have the responsibility of managing the home while their loved one is either in the field or on deployment, they face many challenges. From community support to financial stressors, I saw firsthand how they are not being helped enough. My first encounter with the trials and tribulation of a military spouse came when I met a woman who moved to Ft Bliss with her husband. She could not find a job and had bills she needed to pay. Her husband would not help her, and she was in jeopardy of getting her car repossessed. Although she tried, she could not find a job. I remember quite clearly, one day, while we were running errands, she broke into tears because her husband told her if she did not find a job, she had to return home so she could pay her bills. It blew my mind thinking that with her skill set of homemaking and whatnot she could not find a way to make an income. 

In her case, as was with many, she had limited skills and could not speak Spanish therefore it became very difficult to find work. On top of that, with moving every few years to support her husband, it was difficult to keep a consistent work history.  While seeing the struggles of many spouses and family members, I realized that something had to be done.

I also saw an opportunity to help the men and women who put their lives on the line to serve our great country. My husband, who is an Sg Major in the Army, would tell me stories of how difficult it is to focus on the tasks at hand while worrying about the household worrying about their family while they are out in the field or away at training. It may have seemed miniscule at first glance but the demands of the military household, while raising a family and being the support system for it all can be overwhelming.

Seeing many women and family members who needed additional income and for numerous service members needing help, I decided to marry the two and create Household Six Home Services. The goal of HH6 Home Services is to have a satellite at every major duty station across the world. This way we can provide employment opportunities to any military affiliate looking for employment regardless of where they PCS (Permanent Change of Station) to. They would have no break in their resume so when they are ready to settle down it would reflect a consistent work history. Not only does this help in their future endeavors, but it also assists in relieving some of the financial pressures many military families face. 

We offer Home Cleans – Deep Cleans, Regular, Monthly, Bi-Weekly or Weekly services, Date Night or Just Because Child Care and Bundled Services including Laundry, Meal Prep, and other home support for households within and around our military communities. 

Lastly, many people have asked me, “What does HH Six mean?” When looking for a fitting name for my company my husband lovingly referred to me as his “Household Six”….I didn’t know what that meant so I asked and he told me “Household Six” is the name given to the head of the home….and so HH6 was born!

We are part of the Better Business Bureau and ARCSI